Friday, July 2, 2010

Have you ever feel bored and tired to give way?
Especially in the situation only you have to give into them.
we consider with them, but they never consider with us
But you do not get anything.
When we are too much patience, when we feel so tired we cannot accept them in our lives
we do not want too emotional.try to be rational but….
and then ..after a few minutes with we will regret what we have done

p.s:mse tu ko nages air mata darah pun bukannya aku kesah pun

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pungkar said...

ko marah kt spe ni...drpd ko mrh2...bek kotlong aku wt bku program...waka waka eh eh

:misz kakai khairina :: said...

tak dapat den nak tolong r bro..haha

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