Monday, December 28, 2009

looking for a true love~ i miss that time...

actually it is love between us and the Creator,Allah..not love about men and women or boy to a girl..

i'm smka student..i admit i not very 'alim' student at my school..but every night (not every la..but always) especially when i being a exam candidate (spm,pmr) i will do solat hajat n solat taubat at surau after i finished my prep( about 10.30 p.m) with my frenz...i will read yassin every day...n every thurday nite at my school..we all together will pray solat hajat n read a yassin..n every friday morning..all the student n muslim teachers will read yassin together when assembly and after that,before P n P just for a few minute we had 'usrah'...

when i be a upper form...(form 4 form 5) i learned alquran sunnah n syariah islamiah subject ...i learned about hadis..i learned about hukum syarak..n many more..i really miss that time...

when i at secondary school.even i have a lot of homework..have many problem..but i still feel calmness ..'heart' is the of everything in our lives and we need to maintain cleanliness of our hearts and afterthat we will happy in the world and hereafter..

now..after 3 years..sometimes..i feel stress..feel empty..even i pray n solat every day..maybe because now..i not same like 4 or years ago..i'm not solat hajat n solat taubat every day...i 'm not read yassin everyday..n many,sometimes..i feel i'm so far from Allah...

The Mercy of Allah in Regard to Forgiveness

forgive me Ya Allah...
forgive me and my family Ya Allah..
Please forgive me for the sins I committed in the past
And those I will commit in the future.
I ask You to strengthen my iman and those around me
I ask that You help me for I am weak
And will only grow stronger by Your strength,
So Allah please strengthen me

Ameen! Ya Rabbal A'alameen.