Thursday, April 15, 2010

miss home

i'm at home bumi hang jebat.yesterday evening,finally i arrived at my home.
and i taking a bus KKKL back to home.from bukit jalil because
Puduraya bus terminal closed temporarily for four months .and i went to bukit jalil alone.
but my life motto is "REDAH JE" pun redah jela....
i not back home for along time.start from sbe.
because my hectic life.puteri islam.kawad kaki and assignment.
terasa macam jiwa meredeka selepas kesemua tugasan telah selamat dihantar.
now..i have submit all my assignment.yeah,
everything in my life is going fine
i far away from hopeless..
far away from restless..
far away from hectic life.. life going on..
i have too..
about for next three years for a student life..
and i will try as good as it can be

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